We keep the cost of moving house to a minimum. Our prices start from just £50 and we can supply moving quotes via email without the need for a representative to visit your property.

Customers should remember that we are essentially a budget removal company. Therefore our prices reflect our operating practices. We can either charge by the hour for the removal service we provide, or supply customers with a fixed price quote. This prevents customers from being surprised by the final bill.

For removals, billing time runs from the time we leave launceston until the time we return to launceston. For packing and cleaning, billing starts from the time our personnel arrive at the customer’s premises until the time they leave. Note: customers wishing to have their small items unpacked at locations outside of Cornwall should contact us first. 

The price we quote is not an estimate. It will be a firm and binding quotation for work done based on an hourly rate. Customers should be wary of firms who provide only a rough estimate of cost.

There is a legal difference between accepting a quotation and accepting an estimate. A quotation is a fixed price agreement that cannot be changed. An estimate is a flexible price provided by the company that is non-binding. Unscrupulous companies often consider an estimate to be a ‘blank cheque’.  

We do not charge VAT. We will not add any fuel or mileage charges to the hourly rate quoted. There are no excesses to be paid for awkward items, inclement weather, flights of stairs climbed or distance parked from front door etc.

All we ask is that customers notify us of their full circumstances i.e. distance involved, access, volume/quantity of goods and other services required and we will provide a firm written quotation based on the hours we calculate the job will take. Provided you have notified us of your full circumstances, and there are no delays outside of our control [no keys to house, over-hanging branches preventing proper access, sofa will not go up the stairs etc] the price quoted is the price paid.

Be wary of some firms offering ‘discount’ to pensioners, doctors, nurses, students etc. After we started ‘Cornwall Man and Van’, a competitor started trading under our unique name with the word ‘movers’ added on. This persons website states [as of October 2009] that he offers “ten per cent discount” off his “already low rates” to certain groups of people. However, unlike our original Cornwall man and van website, this website does not publish a scale of charges. So our competitor is offering ten per cent off an unknown price! This is clearly a questionable practice that is wide open to abuse. If you want to formally complain about this means of drumming up business, think again for, unlike us, our competitors website does not contain his postal address.

Price for the hire of a 3.5ton Luton [no VAT]

Price                                          1 man                2 men

Per hour [min 2 hours]               £35                     £45

Per 8 hour period                      £250                  £320


Price for the hire of two 3.5ton Lutons [no VAT]

Price                                              2 men               3 men

Per hour [min 4 hours]                   £ 70                    £80                

Per 8 hour period                           £500                  £580


Reduced rate available for one Luton van doing two trips [as opposed to two vans doing one trip]. Contact us for a one van / two trip quote.

Reduced rate available for long distance and continental work.

After minimum hire period, rates charged at ½ hour increments.

Luton van prices quoted above operate up to 100 miles of launceston. Customers requiring our services beyond this distance should notify us of their circumstances so that we can provide a written fixed price quote for the job. 

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